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Thread: OC'd in GA for the first time in GA today

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    OC'd in GA for the first time in GA today

    I recently moved back to Fintstone, GA after getting out of the Marine Corps. I recieved my carry license in the mail and off i went to OC. The family and I stopped at Jacklyn's Resail in Rossville, GA(me with my 1911 on my hip). When we walked in, there was an elderly woman sitting at the entrance watching everyone. We walked around the store a bit and as we were ready to check out, I caught her looking at my 1911. She asked me " Well I guess that's real isn't?" I replied yes mam. Then she said, "it's not everyday we see someone walk in here with a gun on their hip....but I feel safer with you in here". My wife looked at me and smiled. Then the lady behind the counter asked if I was an LEO and I said no and that I just got out of the Marine Corps as an MP. So it was a good experience today, and I got to show my wife that some people appriciate armed citizens in their stores.
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    Under Georgia Code 16-11-130, you are exempted from Georgia Codes 16-11-126 through 16-11-127.2, IF you are still considered to be Active Duty.
    However, should the opposite be true, with a Georgia Weapons Carry License..., you may Carry a Weapon, as defined under 16-11-125.1 with Impunity to any place NOT enumerated under Georgia Codes 16-11-127 through 16-11-127.2, 16-11-34.1, and Jail/Prison Guard Lines.
    Keep your License with you IF you should go to Tennessee, as Tennessee requires a License to Carry a Handgun for Handgun Carry on or about your Person or within a Vehicle.
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    Thanks for your service, Marine, and welcome to Georgia.
    Come over to GeorgiaPacking.Org and say 'Hi' as well.

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