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Thread: Open Carry Radio

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    Open Carry Radio

    Your source for the best Open Carry news and information.
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    Quote Originally Posted by M1Gunr View Post
    Your source for the best Open Carry news and information.
    Good stuff. Many thanks, M1Gunr.

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    Comment on one of this sites stories:

    Interesting how cities are paying large amounts in damages/settlements yet still their police departments go about the same activities that cost them money. They seem to spend the money like it was someone else's. Oh, wait, it is. It belongs to the taxpayers. You'd think that the taxpayers would be right there with those who's rights have been violated in demanding that it stop.

    Oh well, just remember, an elephant is consumed "one bite at a time".
    "If I shoot all the ammo I am carrying I either won't need anymore or more won't help"

    "If you refuse to stand up for others now, who will stand up for you when your time comes?"

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