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Thread: Police Chief Magazine Article

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    Police Chief Magazine Article

    I wish all police chiefs were this smart.

    Chief's Counsel

    Because it is legal in most states to carry a handgun if properly licensed, a report that an individual possesses a handgun, without any additional information suggesting criminal activity, might not create reasonable suspicion that a crime is being or will be committed.

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    Thanks for the article - definately one of the best LEO originated articles I've seen yet!

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    Thumbs down No two Chiefs or DA and no two State are alike, regardless the courts' ruled.

    Quote Originally Posted by chewy352 View Post
    I wish all police chiefs were this smart.
    Bottom lines: Massachusetts Chiefs of Police Association, 12, December 2005. Why here in California Forum?

    There are dozens of cases from nationwide in between 2006 and today about the tip caller or anonymous tip caller and a courts ruled is that the police still don't have a probable cause regardless the caller's words because there is no criminal activity. This magazine is completes flaw because of flip-flop rules.

    We already seem enough of California Chiefs of Police or DA's Association errors before.

    And a mentally regarding from Chief of Police Rod Uyeda in Manhattan Beach Police Department's
    PRESS RELEASE on 28 September 2010...

    ... "In the past, these rules included the prohibition of dogs, skateboards, rollerblades and other things that everyone has cooperated with for 37 years". ...

    ... "The Hometown Fair Board met and decided this year to ban weapons from the Fair". ...

    ... "The Hometown Fair has been free of firearms and other weapons for 37 years and is arguably one of the safest Fairs in the country".

    HUH??????????????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????????????????? ???????????

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