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Thread: CCW valid in all counties?

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    CCW valid in all counties?

    My local gun store owner has a CCW issued by Sheriff Gore. It says on the permit that it is valid anywhere in the state. Can this be? I thought they were only valid in the county where they were issued.
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    CCW licenses are generally issued for carry in every county in the state. I believe if you are applying for a CCW in the county you work in but do not reside in, that the license will only be for that particular county.

    From 12050(a)(2)(A)(ii):
    If the licensee's place of employment or business was the
    basis for issuance of the license pursuant to subparagraph (A) of
    paragraph (1), the license is valid for any period of time not to
    exceed 90 days from the date of the license. The license shall be
    valid only in the county in which the license was originally issued.

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    Essentially there are four permutations of 12050 licenses:

    resident concealed = valid statewide, 2 year term
    non-resident concealed = valid in county of issue, 90 day term
    resident exposed = valid in county of issue (was statewide until 2010), 2 year term
    non-resident exposed = valid in county of issue, 90 day term

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