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Thread: Misleading "Guns in Bars" Poll - Let's all vote pro-freedom!

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    Misleading "Guns in Bars" Poll - Let's all vote pro-freedom!

    This is a poll asking how participants feel about Tennessee now allowing "guns in bars". The question is obviously designed to skew the results, using the fear-mongering "guns in bars" phrase and also the misleading statement that TN is the "4th state to allow" (never mind that over 30 states have never had a law against concealed carry in restaurants that serve alcohol) so I propose that we all vote overwhelmingly in favor of freedom!

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    Thanks for the link.

    And, welcome!

    Join the OC discussions.

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    Ugh, most of those comments are retarded. "Sure you should be allowed to carry in a bar, but only if you jump through 20 hoops first" "Criminals shouldn't be allowed to carry their guns into bars"

    And what's going to stop a criminal from carrying into a bar? A law? Yeah, no criminal has ever broken a law!

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