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Thread: Saw my first OCer today at Jack's Corner near UNCG

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    Saw my first OCer today at Jack's Corner near UNCG

    Saw my first OCer today (not including any OC meetups or RTC rally). Was with my buddy in the Marines eating at Jack's Corner near UNCG campus. He was OCing because he forgot his wallet with ID and CHP in it. He mentioned there was another guy that just walked in OCing a full side OD Glock.

    I went over and introduced myself asking if he had heard of OCDO and he said he hadn't. I gave him a flyer and he seemed rather interested in our group. He works for an armored car company locally and seemed really cool about OC and our issues we deal with on a regular basis. Hopefully he will stop by and say hey, perhaps he will join us for our next OC meetup in the Triad.

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    i haven't been to Jake's in a while. seems to be the hot spot.

    btw we need to have a meet up soon.

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