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Thread: Rifle / Range rental

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    Rifle / Range rental

    Hello all,

    I live in Costa Mesa / Santa Ana California border. I primarily shoot my handguns (as I do not own a rifle. Yet!) but I will be going deer hunting in Texas with my uncle next month.

    He has all the equipment I will need. I just need to be able to bring some skill shooting a rifle.

    So, does anyone know of a range that would rent me a hunting style rifle for practice at 100 to 200 yards range?

    I dont want to go to Texas and really embarrass myself!!

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    There's an Appleseed in Corona October 16-17. The instructors sometimes have rifles which participants can use. Couldn't hurt to post and ask on their forum:

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    Excellent suggestion. I attended an Appleseed event and scored Rifleman my first time out. There is also an event at Rainbow (next to Temecula) Oct 23-24th. I highly recommend it. You will learn to shoot a rifle the correct and safe way.

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    I agree that an Appleseed event is a good one to go to. I went to my first one in the cold, mud, and the rain. I didn't score rifleman though. So, I went a second time and still didn't score rifleman. But I will say that I improved my shooting skills and had fun!
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