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Thread: Galco Tuck-N-Go

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    Galco Tuck-N-Go

    Just noticed this apparently new holster in the "What's New" section of the Galco website. Anybody have one yet? Comments?


    P.S. I'm looking for an IWB for a MP9c
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    Galco "soft" IWB holsters are nicely constructed. They have a reinforced opening at the top (extra layer of thick leather sewn on) but they DO NOT have rigid openings, and tend to close up once you draw, so re-holstering can be awkward.

    They are made of good leather, wear well, are rough-side-out so they don't move around much (the suede finish tends to stay put in your pants by friction), and they draw relatively quick.

    Negatives are you can't change the cant (angle) of the holster easily, they are awkward to re-holster, and the little clip on this particular model can let the holster shift positions if you are running or twisting around a lot...

    My feeling on this particular holster is that, like most Galcos, it's well-constructed, but unlike most other Galco's it's not very well-designed...

    But all tha tsaid, for the price, it is a VERY comfy, concealable holster. Not really appropriate for OC, but for CC on a budget, it's OK...
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