I've been go awhile but it feels good to be back and among fellow carriers. Anyway I have spent the day reading over the more recent post and I was wondering if anyone has encountered the problem(s) that I have. I have been stopped several times in Flowood by the local LEOs and each time no ticket was given because I wasnt breaking any laws. *Go figure* So during the line of "questioning" if thats what you want to call it, the officer asked if I had a weapon in the car and I said yes. Even showed my CWP without being asked to place the officer at ease of his safety. After this he asked where my gun was and to unload it. I complied to further place the officer at ease and for his "safety". Once I unloaded the weapon the officer asked for it and I asked why and he said to check the serial number. I asked why he felt the need to do so and he informed me it was to make sure it wasnt stolen. Unhappily I complied and he returned with my gun and placed it on the backseat. This has happened twice by two seperate officers, so I guess I'm wondering if anyone else has endured this treatment in Flowood?