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Thread: A glimpse into modern LEO mentality

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    Cool A glimpse into modern LEO mentality

    An article which appeared in the 90's newsletter called Aid and Abet Police Newsletter, volume 2, Constitutional Issues for Lawmen, number 1...volume 2, number 1. That's Aid and Abet Police Newsletter. Now, this letter, according to the editor of this newsletter, was written by a police chief. Here, he uses a pseudonym, so he says, so that the police chief's identity is not revealed.

    Is is as follows:

    by Police Chief Rupert Orpheus

    To the question of, "Do some judges, prosecutors and police officers today commit dishonest acts to put criminals away?" I answer an unequivocal Yes! But, it is hoped that it is not done without just cause. True immorality exists only when the cause is not just.

    After more than 20 years of service to my fellow Americans I realize what reality is. The truth is that today many judges, attorneys, police officials and officers are devotees of the religion of Secular Humanism (S.H.) myself included.

    Some of our members (mainly out of fear) will not admit that S.H. is a religion. They are apprehensive that we might be treated as the so-called "Christians" have been treated under the doctrine of Separation of Church and State. Such fear might be well founded if this were 15 to 20 years ago. Not so today. Reason being, colleagues of our faith are, for the most part, in control of the agencies and organizations, such as the ACLU, ABA, Justice Dept. etc., that would normally protest such cases. Although this may at first seem unfair, it is not. But allow me to proceed, and I believe you will come to full understanding of this and many other important facts.

    My feelings are that it is time we shepards open the eyes of our flock and further sort out those we cannot take with us into the 21st. Century. Any that would deny that our religion of S.H. is not a valid religion should do their homework. The Supreme Court decided that it is a religion some years ago in the Torcaso vs Abington, Abington vs Schempp, and in Torcaso vs Watkins cases. According to the High Court, it is "...belief, not body, creed, or cult which appears to be the essence of religion." It further explains that, "...'belief' refers to some sort of universal view of life, of the world of mankind - a belief that is held to be true about mankind." In essence the Supreme Court said that one's religion can be "...any world view with or without reference to GOD, theistic or non-theistic in nature". I hope this helps others to understand our Faith, however, this of course is not the main point of my speech.

    I wish to address the abuse of Police Officers who ascribe, knowingly or unknowingly, to the moral tenants of our religion in regards to ethics and morals. Nationwide our devotees are enduring horrible discrimination at the hands of a very hypocritical faction of society, the Christians. This discrimination comes as we Humanists exercise our own religious beliefs and apply our morals "on the job", so to speak. Yet, other officers may apply their own individual belief systems (morals and ethics) at will, without any condemnation. This is undeniable discrimination!

    Fortunately, our religion is the fastest growing of any in all of history and many of the system, including police officers, who ascribe to sound Secular Humanist principals are now in management which is of benefit to all. This does give us sway power, and is a plus for our side. Still, there is far too much discrimination against those who would apply a most important principle of our religion - "Situation Ethics".

    The principal of Situation Ethics allows the individual to focus correctly on only the goal to be accomplished. Morally speaking, little if any consideration need be given to the method or means, as nothing else supercedes its importance. Of course concern is given to finding a means of accomplishing a task or goal, so as to have the least negative impact on the least amount of our people.

    In my youth I recall hearing the great Green Bay Packer coach Vince Lombardi describe it this way: "Winning is not everything; it is the only thing." Much of our society lives by this principal today. Yes, even many of those who "profess other faiths" and occupy pulpits throughout America. Personally, I think the principle of Situation Ethics is best described by examining the legal definition of ethics and morals given by our now compatriots, the Communists. The Communist definition is "EVERYTHING is ethical and moral as long as it promotes World Communism." This is pure Secular Humanism. We can learn much, incidentally, about total commitment from the Communists. The Marxists have, out of pragmatic necessity, expurgated a minimum of 90 million people in the pursuit of man's noblest mission-world peace. What intelligent person could call "immoral" any means used to accomplish this all important goal?

    In our great Humanist Manifestos signed in 1933 and 1973, we explain our moral creed which is very much the same as the Marxist creed, yet set forth in much more palatable and tactful terms. Here is a brief summation of our beliefs regarding Ethics and Truth:

    ETHICS-"Moral values derive their source from human experience. Ethics is autonomous and situational, needing no theological or ideological sanction. Ethics stems from human need and interest. To deny this distorts the whole basis of life...We strive for the good life, here and now." -- [That's from the Humanist Manifesto II, written and signed in 1973.

    This New Age teaching is the reason why, for example, a police officer (one of Secular Humanist persuasion) is likely to risk his very life to save a member of society one moment and the very next moment take the witness stand and lie in order to win an important case. This is not to be considered immoral, given the particular standard of ethics upon which such an officer bases his morality -- namely, that the end justifies any means. (In other words again, the "Higher Good" principle!) Many people still do not understand this. They don't understand that this is why our presidents and their staffs, members of Congress and hosts of others with leadership roles in America -- lawyers, judges, etc. -- lie and cheat right alongside our dedicated humanist Law Enforcers. To repeat, all for the greater good of society, [or, in effect,] the system.

    What the Masses must be made to understand, and never be allowed to forget, is that this is for their own good. They should know by now that those who are actually in control of our government (as Col. Oliver North explained) truly know what is best for the people. They must also know that under the New World Order, the Justice System's primary mission will be to protect the system from the masses. It is precisely in view of this that we on the inside have been obligated all along to use the system to suppress dissenters as quickly as possible -- before any radical Anti-World Government, Anti-Humanist group can gain the upper hand.
    You're aware of course, that the vast majority of Americans seek only peace and security. They hardly even realize that they have virtually made government their new god, to which they turn for the fulfillment of every need. Our New Age leaders (and we soldiers as their "arms and legs") stand ready to give the Masses all for which they pray.
    __________________________________________________ ___________________________________________

    After reading this, it becomes clear that it was almost as a warning to other officers that if they didn't conform or act in a humanist manner they would be most likely removed. It really doesn't surprise me after reading this that cops and officers these days have been transformed. Cops used to be friendly neighborhood peace officers, a noble and respectable profession.

    These days when you drive down the street and you see a cop car driving behind you, do you feel safe and sound, re-assured, or scared/nervous? People with humanist style beliefs (End justifies the means) actively get recruited into law enforcement.

    You are a fool if you think this whole thing was just one big coincidence. That 50% of marriages ending in divorce was just a coincidence. That crime rates skyrocketed in recent decades just being a coincidence. That graduating grade 12'ers today are statistically more unintelligent and uneducated than their parents were when they graduated grade 12 in the 60's/70's/80's. That every single president and his staff in the last 50 years have never really did anything they promised being just a coincidence.

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    Thanks for the comprehensive article on this. This is definitely a great help!

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