I have been OC since... July, maybe, and just wanted to update anyone who's interested but hasn't been by AlabamaOpenCarry.com

I have OC'd without incident to:
The Wal-marts in Leeds, Irondale, Chelsea, and Vestavia
The Logans in Irondale, Trussville, and the one on 280
The Jim N' Nicks in Trussville, Irondale, Birmingham Southside, and the one on 280 (and the one in Montgomery for the first Statewide meetup)
Leeds Municipal Court Offices (not the courtroom, though)
Actually, most of the restaurants on 280, including Outback and Carabbas'
The Books-A-Million on 280, and the one in Trussville
The Starbucks in Vestavia, Trussville, and the one in the Montgomery Target (also at the statewide meetup)
The Target on 280
The Applebees in Homewood

And plenty of other places that I'm sure I'm forgetting. Basically, I OC everywhere I'm allowed to carry. It feels good to take responsibility for myself. Now maybe I can learn to cook so I don't have to eat out so much!

I make no claim that these businesses are pro-gun or pro-OC, just that I have OC'd in them at least once with no problem, other than funny looks by people when I'm not looking and they think my wife isn't.