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Thread: Fun at Shop N Save, St. Peters

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    Fun at Shop N Save, St. Peters

    What's up guys? Not a lot going on lately but I figured I'd share my fun story from last night.

    Maybe you all won't understand why the story reads like it does, but I assure it's a joke, copied from the message I sent a friend. We like to say stuff like "dawg" and "bawss" (boss). It's hood. Input, commentary of all kinds welcome.

    I walk into Shop N Save in downtown St. Peters, noting, as I have before on many occasions, no signs posted at the entrance. I've OC'd here before, so no big deal. When I'm checking out I see "big bawss dawg" standing just a few feet away. I pay him no nevermind. Big bawss dawg then asks me if I'm a cop. I said no. He tells me I can't bring my heat up in thurr. I ask why they would let cops bring gats but not citizens. Big dawg tells me "dey have da right". I'm tell him no, they are given the privelege by the government, citizens have the right. Ignoring the facts, he tells me they have signs at the door-which they don't-I tell him they have no signs and that it isn't even criminal to walk past their _____ signs (OCDO moderator note: Use of that word in the context that you used it in is not allowed on on this forum. See Rule #9 : . He puts his ***** face on, then tells me not to bring my heat in, and then I left.

    All in all a decent experience. I'll be calling/emailing them for further explanation.
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    I'm having some cards printed that list civilian rights with firearms on one side. And no guns, no money sign on the other. My plan is to just hand one of these to anyone who thinks that citizens don't 'have the right' to carry a firearm. Of course if it's a store employee/manager I'm talking to I would hand the card with the no guns, no money side up. If it's a patron at the store, I'll give it to them with the firearms rights side up.

    If that doesn't work I'm just gonna slap them up side the head, and tell them thats my right too.

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    sounds like an absolutly gangsta experience

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    I'm pretty gangster myself.
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    dem boom boom up in heeaw kain' be! taike dem gat and git, kain yaw reed? it dem saang awn dat dayer waw sae NO GAT! onie po po git to bing dem heetah up een heaw.

    Oh God, I love this. I have another set of cards that have been going around with "Why I Carry." We should put them all together in a thread sometime and share the wealth. Good going, Cash, by the way. I love when people are unreasonable. Then you don't really have to make as much effort. Have a nice day.
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