Rode my motorcycle to Katherine’s landing campground yesterday to visit a group of Motorcycle campers I know. This is in Arizona and part of the Lake Mead National Recreation area. It was rather a personal testing of the waters for me. To see how the several acquaintances would react to my open carry and to see if anyone would try to say my open carry was not allowed in a National Recreation area. This is a non-brand specific or non-motorcycle-type very lay back group. My acquaintances consisted of young to 80 years old, from several states, families, men, woman, and some kids. I was thinking this would be a good sample of a very diverse group. Most have known me for years however never open carrying. No one cared about the firearm. Greeted with the same smiles, how are you doing, hand shake and hugs. A few asked what the laws were, some said they had CCWs, A few said they were glad to see someone in the group with a firearm. Not one negative comment or vibe, great, all is good with the group. What about the park and campground employees? As we went through the Pay station for the first time, it was in the morning and cool so I was in CCW mode because my Leather jacket covered my firearm. Later two uniformed park employees drove through to check out all the bikes. Now with no jacket on I saw one did get a good long stare at my firearm. They were some of the persons that were at the pay station. They were not armed however uniformed. I figured if they think it is illegal for me to have a firearm I be seeing the armed park ranger some time shortly after they left. Apparently, they were up on the law. I was there for most of the day and did ride in and out past the pay booths fully open. I am left handed the firearm is between them and I, no problems.