"Non-Partisan" Candidates that need your vote...PLEASE don't stop after the "partisan" candidates! Please pass on to others in NC you know who are of like mind!

Look at link here for limited government, pro-Constitution libertarian/conservative tea-party, pro-2nd Amendment candidates: http://teapartypatriots.org/BlogPost...1-e71b5dfeccc4 ....also outlined below:

BARBARA JACKSON for SUPREME Court Associate Justice....she is backed by Republican Party of NC and could

make a HUGE deal in upcoming redistricting in NC for next 10 years.
She said ďMy judicial philosophy is that I believe itís up to judges to judge and leave it to the legislature to legislate,Ē she said. ďI donít think the courts should act in the role of a super-legislature, and I tend to take a very narrow view of the courtís role.Ē

Steven Walker for Court of Appeals Judge
Ann Marie Calabria for Court of Appeals Judge
Dean R Poirier for Court of Appeals Judge