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Thread: Stunt Cam Stick

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    Stunt Cam Stick

    I just ordered the stunt camstick from Amazon. Has anyone on here ever used it and if so what do you think about it????


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    Not very highly rated, but hope you have better luck. These can be found for as little as $15.95.
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    I've not used the Stunt Cam Stick, but in my experience with other sport cams like this it's easy to get grainy footage and have movement issues unless you spend the good money and step up to the HD cameras.

    Lighting can be a real issue with picture quality as well. Indoors footage presents a huge graining problem in my footage with my sport cam, which is not a HD version.

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    myself and a good chunk of others have these "gum stick" cams...maybe not the exact same as the one you are getting...but i can personally say, i've had no problems with mine...and i believe that my other colleagues have not had any problems with theirs either.

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