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Thread: Are K-12 Charter School a Different Animal Than a K-12 Public School?

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    Are K-12 Charter School a Different Animal Than a K-12 Public School?

    My understanding is that private schools are able to set up their own regulations that prevent the carrying of pistols on their premises regardless of whether it is concealed or not because the institution is owned and operated by private interests which can setup pretty much whatever rules they want on how guests are to conduct themselves when on site.

    Public schools, as have been discuessed extensively, are a different story.

    But what about Charter Schools? These things seem to be some type of hybrid where the school is "owned" privately but subsists on public education dollars.

    My daughters attend a charter school...and I'm at a loss as to where I stand on this one.

    Up until recently, I didn't care and just chose not to carry when en route to drop off/pick up my little ankle biters. Unfortunately, my wife and I are beginning to carry much more consistently as it seems Taylor is going downhill fast. We lost our first police officer in the line of duty this summer and last week some freak was hiding in the Ladies restroom at Meijer peeking over the stall while "taking care" of himself. When discovered by the observed victim who then tried to feel, he chased her down and tried to sexually assault her.

    Being that we'll both be armed most of the time, I need to sew up the details before I change the school routine aspect of my life.
    I always open carry one of my Kimber 1911 pistols everywhere I go. Usually in a paddle holster. Nothing fancy, but it works for me.

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    No a charter school would fall under the same rules as a regular public school.
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    Quote Originally Posted by autosurgeon View Post
    No a charter school would fall under the same rules as a regular public school.
    Autosurgeon is correct.

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    Quote Originally Posted by T Vance View Post
    Autosurgeon is correct.
    From the Michigan Department of Education:

    A charter school is identified in statute as a local public school district and has the same rights and responsibilities as any other school district.
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