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Thread: Looking for a FFL...

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    Looking for a FFL...

    For those of you in the Lincoln County area (looking at you ep0k...), who do you use for firearm transfers or purchases? I'm looking at ordering a new-to-me pistol from J&G, and having it in time to carry when I'm home around Thanksgiving. Before I start cold-calling FFL's in the area (right now I'm looking at a Mr. Robert King of BallsTown Firearms in Whitefield because it's near family I'll be visiting, and only a $10 transfer fee), I figured I'd ask around for your experiences. If we have somebody nearby who's supportive of OC, I'd probably be willing to spend a little more to patronize them.

    Course, I'll be looking for ammo and a good range nearby as well, so any advice is appreciated.


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    check Uncle Henrys

    There is a FFL who advertises in Uncle Henry's. $10 or $15 transfer. Dont have one handy, sorry.
    Gunbroker has a list.

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    I go through Weaponcraft in Portland but any of these guys should be able to help you as well:

    Will ask around.
    Forrest Brown
    Webmaster, Maine Open Carry Association

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