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Thread: Pork as a weapon. Bacon attack on an American mosque: prank or hate crime? CSMonitor

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    Pork as a weapon. Bacon attack on an American mosque: prank or hate crime? CSMonitor
    Quote Originally Posted by EXCERPT
    Anecdotal evidence points to the use of pork as an anti-Islamic protest in recent years. For example:

    In September, the US Postal Inspection Service reported that at least four packages containing hate letters and bacon were sent to American mosques from Denver. CAIR is a regular recipient of pork-related hate mail.
    In March, two Minnesota high school students allegedly shoved bacon in the faces of several Muslim classmates, according to a CAIR complaint.
    In 2007, a Texas farmer held afternoon pig races on Friday – the Muslim holy day – to protest a proposed mosque next to his farm.
    In 2006, a severed pig's head was thrown into a Maine mosque during prayers.
    Overseas, 7,000 protesters held a "pork sausage and booze" party in Paris this summer, which was designed as a provocation against Muslims and a protest against the perceived Islamicization of France.
    On the Internet, bloggers are invoking pork to incite Muslims. In a recent column on the conservative Town, Mike Adams, a criminology professor at the University of North Carolina, proposed several pork-related pranks against the "ground zero mosque," including "building a large bomb filled with bacon grease. Dubbed the 'Mother of All Bacon,' or MOAB, this bomb would not hurt anyone but would permanently defile the location so that no one could worship there."

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    Several groups of Marines, Army SF, and Seals are using this stuff in "the sand" to much the same effect...
    “A lie can travel half way around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes.”
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    Why the hell are they comparing the Farmer's honest protest to the assault of school children? Seriously, even if you buy into the whole 'hate crime' BS, he did nothing wrong.

    I can't stand the term 'hate crime' it's such BS.
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    uh oh, Eric Cartman?

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    I love the smell of bacon and napalm in the morning.

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