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Thread: Topeka, KS Open Carry Compromise Ordinance Vote 10/19/2010

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    Topeka, KS Open Carry Compromise Ordinance Vote 10/19/2010

    Topeka City Council will vote tonight on the below ordinance. Under current KS state open carry law Cities and Counties can regulate a loaded firearm.

    The grass roots group Open Carry Topeka supports this compromise.

    If you're able to attend the meeting will be at TPAC downtown Topeka at 215 SE 7th St, 66603 at 6pm. Below is the link to the Topeka City Council web page

    (Published in the Topeka Metro News _______________________________________)

    ORDINANCE NO. _____________

    AN ORDINANCE introduced by City Manager Norton N. Bonaparte, Jr., creating City of Topeka Code 9.40.005 concerning the unlawful carrying of a firearm.


    Section 1. That The Code of the City of Topeka, Kansas, is hereby amended by adding a section to be numbered 9.40.005, which said section reads as follows:
    Unlawful Carrying.
    (a) It shall be unlawful for any person, except those persons exempted under K.S.A. 21-4201(b), as amended, or security personnel authorized by the city manager, to carry any firearm in any of the following buildings or facilities owned and operated by the City:

    Topeka City Hall
    Topeka Municipal Court
    Topeka City Council Chambers
    Cyrus K. Holliday Building
    The Topeka/Shawnee County Law Enforcement Center
    Helen Hocker Center for Performing Arts
    The Topeka Zoological Park
    Central Park Community Center
    Crestview Community Center
    Garfield Community Center
    Hillcrest Community Center
    Oakland Community Center
    Rice Community Center
    Creative Play Day Care Center
    Topeka Fire Headquarters
    Topeka Fire Station #1
    Topeka Fire Station #2
    Topeka Fire Station #3
    Topeka Fire Station #4
    Topeka Fire Station #5
    Topeka Fire Station #6
    Topeka Fire Station #7
    Topeka Fire Station #8
    Topeka Fire Station #9
    Topeka Fire Station #10
    Topeka Fire Station #11
    Topeka Fire Station #12
    Blaisdell Family Aquatic Center
    Garfield Community Pool
    Hillcrest Community Pool
    Oakland Community Pool
    Crestview Community Pool

    (b) Nothing in this section shall prohibit a person from carrying a loaded firearm on the person’s land, in the person’s abode or in the person’s fixed place of business.
    Section 2. This ordinance shall take effect and be in force from and after its passage, approval and publication in the official City newspaper.
    Section 3. All ordinances, resolutions or rules, or portions thereof, inconsistent with the provisions of this ordinance are hereby rescinded or repealed.
    Section 4. Should any section, clause or phrase of this ordinance be declared invalid by a court of competent jurisdiction, the same shall not affect the validity of this ordinance as a whole, or any part thereof, other than the part so declared to be invalid.
    PASSED AND APPROVED by the City Council __________________________.


    William W. Bunten, Mayor

    Brenda Younger, City Clerk
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    It seems that KSA 12, 16-124 says something about this..., BUT..., I have been asked not to Post about it.

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    The ordinance overwhelming passed 8 to 1 and the vote against is from an open carry supporter he just thought it was to restrictive for gun owners

    This is a victory for gun owners & open carry!

    The compromise ordinance was hammered out in cooperation between Topeka city attorney, Councilman Bob Archer, and the grassroots organization Open Carry Topeka.

    Let's get the constitutional amendment passed!

    Thank you to all who fought to keep open carry legal in Topeka. Your efforts paid off!!

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    Hope this means good things for all you Kansasonians.

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    If you voted for Obama to prove you are not a racist...
    what will you do now to prove you are not stupid?

    "The American people will never knowingly adopt socialism. But, under the name of "liberalism," they will adopt every fragment of the socialist program, until one day America will be a socialist nation, without knowing how it happened." - Norman Thomas

    "They who can who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve niether liberty nor safety." - Ben Franklin

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    Against Licensing

    I don't like the idea of government's licensing a Right. While I get the idea of the ordinance and why KS passed a CHL law, I don't think it is the right thing to do. Can you imagine what would happen if there was a $150 tax on the right to vote and if citizens had to prove their competence before being able to vote? I think citizens should be able to carry in every public place, concealed and/or open, and they should not have to have a license to do so. Any ordinance that goes against this point of view is going in the wrong direction to promote gun rights for free citizens...

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    Moved to Topeka

    Our Family recently moved to Topeka. I have not seen anyone open carrying. Are there any open carry groups in the city. Except in government buildings can one carry anywhere?


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    In accordance with Kansas Code KSA 12, 16-124, Open Carry in Government Buildings is Legal, except that such Person needs to be Licensed under The Kansas Personnal and Family Protection Act.
    However, Concealed Carry in the same Buildings is, more likely than not, Illegal, per Kansas Code KSA 75c-10.
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    Please give us an update on open carry status personal experiences

    Hey Marine! Do you have any new experiences to report on actual open carry expeditions since the new ordinance passed? Or anyone else? I am wondering if the PD is getting better informed about this by street cops?

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