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Thread: I voted Early OC Style

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    I voted Early OC Style

    So I had patriotic duty to go Vote today early. I proudly took my wife and kids and went to go Vote with my openly carried Glock 21 in it's Serpa Holster.

    After Voting I took the sticker and glady put it on my firearm. It carries a great message I am a Gun owner and I vote. What better message could I send to the American people and my elected officials then "I vote and I own a gun"

    So if anyone wonders where the sticker should go I would proudly say on your openly carried Firearm.
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    Thumbs up

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    Well done

    What no Shoulder Holster Rid set up? lol

    Sticker on the gun, love it!
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    I am personally opposed to widespread early, mail-in, or absentee voting. No argument it is more convenient for many, but I believe it also makes election/vote fraud much easier to perpetuate and much harder to guard against. So I make it a point to vote in my precinct on election day unless something will actually have me out of town on that day.

    But more on point, I voted this morning while casually concealing one gun and fully concealing a BUG. I had intended to OC, but it was cool enough (even inside the polling place) that a jacket was advised and that jacket does slightly cover my OWB holster. My polling place is inside a public school. I don't think anyone noticed my firearm even when I asked for a second "I voted" sticker and placed it on my holster. I'm thinking it will stay there until the legislative session adjourns. I hope it will hang on there that long anyway. I love Gunsfreak's idea of sending the subtle but very powerful message: "I own guns; I carry a gun; AND I VOTE!" That you for that suggestion. I urge everyone here to do likewise even--due to lack of permit or whatever other reason--you are not able to actually carry into your polling place. Save your "I voted" sticker (or ask for a second one) and place it on your OC holster. Let it be there and be a visible part of your OCing routine for the next few weeks.

    If I may now turn to a bit more overtly partisan issue:

    I urge everyone in the 2nd congressional race to give very serious thought to the effects of your vote. Admittedly, Matheson has voted fairly good on RKBA and the NRA has given him a good rating. But I don't know that he has ever been a champion who carried or advanced any good bills. And he will assuredly vote Pelosi for Speaker. If she remains as Speaker any efforts to advance RKBA in the House will be stifled. Morgan Philpot was good on RKBA as a legislator and not only do I expect he will vote correctly on RKBA in the House individually, but he is far more likely to support leadership that is not hostile to RKBA than is Matheson.


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    OH ya!!!!!!!!!

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