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Thread: Start emailing and writing legislators

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    Start emailing and writing legislators

    The time has arrived to be emailing and writing state legislators making reasonable arguments to enhance Texas firearms laws.

    Why? we have an election 2 weeks away so I would be communicating to incumbent candidates who are regarded as pro-firearm. Next, in January, the state legislators go back into session so anything that could be done needs to start now so it is priority at the beginning of the session, not held to the end.

    John Whitmire in Houston is a democrat who is given a rank of "A" by the NRA and according to the NRA holds a committee position that is the source of firearms laws.

    While some may want unlicensed and unrestricted open carry,,, being reasonable in our requests is a much more sure path to getting something done.

    1. Remove the failure to conceal language using the argument that the climate in Texas does not lend itself to wearing clothing that will conceal a handgun without "printing". Licensed CHL holders should not be required to choose between becoming criminals for "printing" or suffering a case of heat stroke by having to wear heavy clothing in 90-100 degree plus heat during six months of the year.

    2.. Protect the rights of gun owners when storing their gun in their locked car while at work.

    3. Allow concealed carry on state supported university campuses so college students can protect themselves. Look at what just happened at UT Austin.

    4. Allow open carry by licensed CHL holders. That is a reasonable request by responsible gun owners. If you are willing to submit to a background check and be tested, what is the problem with being allowed to open carry.

    I would be highlighting the continual degradation of border security with violence in Mexico spreading into Texas. EVERY legislator along the border should be advocating open carry given the border situation. If they are not pro open carry, the time is now to vote them out of office. What better way to send a message to Washington DC that Texas is serious about protecting our own safety from the drug cartels, smugglers and criminal aliens who enter our state and commit crimes as soon as they cross the border. Look at the other border states. Arizona and New Mexico both allow open carry. Even California allows open carry in rural areas. Texas with the largest border with Mexico needs open carry. The failure of the Federal Govt to secure the border should be front and center to Texas passing open carry and the gang in Washington DC needs to know that.

    I would be highlighting recent criminal events in your own immediate area. Increases in burglaries, home invasions, etc that bring the need closer to home. Whitmire covers my area and I listed multiple examples of crimes in his own district.
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