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Thread: Athens/Nelsonville OC/CC at Work, in Public, in transit, etc.

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    Athens/Nelsonville OC/CC at Work, in Public, in transit, etc.

    I live in Nelsonville and work Athens and am interested in starting to OC. I also plan to check with my employer and the building owner my employer rents from to see if they have any policies on OC or CC.

    Does anyone have experience in the area doing this or know any laws that I need to be aware of? I also want to know if anyone is planning a meet and greet around here so I can start to feel more comfortable with OC/CC by joining and talking with others.

    I will take the test eventually to get my CCL, any tips there will be appreciated as well!


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    The general rule is that if it is not postedt, we dont ask. Example if the owner of the building your in does not have any signs, do not ask what their a thoughts are, that will invoke them to put up signs. As for your employer, good luck on that, 99% or more of employrs do not allow. If you want to carry at work, wait until you get your CHL, and then only carry if you can afford losing your job if found out. I do not want to be discouraging, just stating what I beleive to be the facts from other readings.

    As for groups, I do not know any in that area, but we have one here in Licking County, although I have not been free to attend their group get togethers, I hear they are quite a good group of guys.

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    Justtherenow handled many of the answers requested so I'll stick to the thread title's mention of "transit" with regards to open/concealed carry.

    Short version is, if you don't have an Ohio CHL. you can't carry a loaded firearm within a motor vehicle in Ohio. And Ohio's definition of "loaded" means no loaded magazines or speedloaders while in the vehicle unless you have a CHL, as well as no ammo IN the gun. Those who choose not to get the carry license find this a huge hassle, as you might expect. To me it would mean too much time spent retrieving/storing, loading/unloading, etc. and not enough time with a loaded, ready to use firearm on my hip.

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