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Thread: District 71 - Bob Scovill

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    District 71 - Bob Scovill

    He was at our OC picnic in Stevens Point over the summer and just had a chance to meet him again down that the Republican HQ in Point.

    Talked briefly about his B+ rating from the NRA (he said he must've mistakenly checked a wrong box on the form) and the repeal of the CC ban. He said he was all for the repeal and for Constitutional Carry just like the three other states. Said he used to live in AZ and it was not uncomfortable. He also brought up the Madison 5 Incident and I was able to fill him in on some of the details (paraphrasing of course) regarding the 911 call.

    It was nice to hear him stand up for the repeal and not go into the "well I'm a hunter so I support the 2nd Amendment" B.S. that we normally get. He's lived in a state where constitutional carry exists and believes that WI should be the same. w00t!

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    Quote Originally Posted by anmut View Post
    Said he used to live in AZ and it was not uncomfortable.
    I don't know; it get's awefully hot down there......


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