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Thread: Mid-terms ARE about gun rights; John Nosler passes

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    Mid-terms ARE about gun rights; John Nosler passes

    Mid-term election IS about gun rights; John A. Nosler, in memory

    "Saying the mid-term election coming up in less than two weeks is not about gun rights demonstrates clearly that the speaker is a moron...

    "...It is with considerable sadness that this column reports on the recent passing of a giant in the shooting sports, John A. Nosler, founder of the Nosler, Inc. bullet company in Bend, OR. He was 97..."
    Or try this:

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    I like your pointing out how Obama has provided employment for Washington State's rejects. Says volumes for his administration (barfing emoticon here).

    I've done my part and my ballot is going in the "bin" tomorrow, along with my wife's. Hopefully EVERYONE here will be voting this time around.
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