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Thread: Fargo Mayor involvement in group

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    Fargo Mayor involvement in group

    The links below is for a national coalition of mayors. At first it appears legit as the name implies illegal guns. But under further examination, this group is for making it illegal for persons on the no fly list from buying guns. At first this seem reasonable, except there is no judicail requirement on what criteria there is to place you on this list and there is also no way of knowing if you are on the list.

    People that are on the list have not been given there due process but this group who is out to keep Americans from purchasing firearms. I am sure everyone agrees that we need to keep hands out of terrorists but we need to take a stand on this issue as it takes rights away without a due process. Just having your name on a list that is kept secret is not one.

    I bring this up as Fargo mayor is part of this coalition.

    In the following link the FBI has a FAQ section that state

    From the page:
    "Can I find out if I am in the TSDB?

    The TSC cannot reveal whether a particular person is in the TSDB. The TSDB remains an effective tool in the government’s counterterrorism efforts because its contents are not disclosed. If TSC revealed who was in the TSDB, terrorist organizations would be able to circumvent the purpose of the terrorist watchlist by determining in advance which of their members are likely to be questioned or detained."

    I have been told that I am on a terrorist watchlist by an airline employee and I frequently have difficulty when I fly. Does this mean I am in the TSDB?

    No; however, an individual may be a “misidentified person.” A misidentified person is someone who is experiencing a delay during screening because they have a similar name to a person in the TSDB. Misidentified persons are sometimes delayed while the government works to distinguish them from the terrorist in the TSDB. Because these delays are frustrating and inconvenient, there are several initiatives in progress to help streamline the clearance process for misidentified persons. If an individual believes he/she is having a misidentification problem, he/she should contact the screening agency’s redress office for assistance.

    Obviously just being on the list should not be enough to take away an American's right.

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    absolutly rediculous. Remember in November.

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