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    Ohio Gun Trader

    A good friend of mine is needing help in getting a new website off the ground and needs your input to help build the community that caters to Ohio gun owners. It is starting to grow and we are talking with local gun shops in hopes of being able to raffle of some cool gifts to its members. It would be great to have input that can help make it a gun trading/buying/selling site for just Ohio gun owners.

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    I'm gonna cut straight to the point. I'm currently stationed in NC and was a part of Carolina GunTrader. I made a lot of awesome deals and got some pretty sweet guns. Well since I'm about to get out of the Marines I am moving back to Ohio and since there is no Ohio gun trader I started one. I'm trying to get members that would want to join. Buy/Sell/Trade guns, ammo, anything really. You can also talk about everything you could want to in the rest of the forum. Since there are literally 39 members right now. You could give me your input and I would work with getting the site functioning the best way it can be. I could really use your help getting this site going and would appreciate any help. The site is I'm hoping I can make this thing big and get it to be like it was on Carolina Gun Trader. one big dysfunctional family. I'd appreciate your help man. Hopefully I'll see you there! oh yeah, and tell your gun owning friends too! Carolina gun trader was my drug so i need this to get big!!!

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    It is now in my favorites. Thanks!

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