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Thread: - Fight to repeal Janet Reno open carry ban in Florida underway!

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    8,709 - Fight to repeal Janet Reno open carry ban in Florida underway!


    In 1987 Florida became a "Shall-Issue" state for concealed carry licenses. At the time, Florida had the country’s second highest murder rate and there was much debate about allowing people to arm themselves. Opponents said that there would be “blood in the streets” and simple fender binders would turn in to roadside gun fights.

    To insure that gun owners would not be met with thousands of differing local regulations, the state legislature also passed preemption of all firearms laws. Amongst the ordinances invalidated was Dade County’s ban on openly carrying an unconcealed handgun.

    Janet Reno, Assistant State Attorney for Dade County at the time, called on the legislature to close what she called a loophole in the new statewide carry laws and outright ban Open Carry throughout the state.

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    Hopefully this will come to Fruition in Florida, BUT I have my doubts.

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    Me too, and as I've said before; I'll be more than happy to literally eat my words.

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