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Thread: Open Carry Successes

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    Open Carry Successes

    I want to compile a list of instances where open carry has led to positive change.

    I know about the 2003 Defense Walks in Ohio that led to shall-issue concealed carry.

    What are some other successes that have been had in conjunction with open carry?

    Also, if you know of instances where open carry protest was used where it may not be attributable to the success of a pro-gun law or the failure of an anti-gun law, but the pro-gun law still succeeded or the anti-gun law still failed, that would be interesting as well.

    A list would help against the eternal debate against all the people who claim open carry only leads to gun bans.
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    The Wisconsin legislature has twice passed a 'Personal Protection Act' and twice failed to override the Governor's veto due to the combination of fiscal-political squabbling by those standing to profit (from sale of the privilege) and the leadership of principled advocates of less government, i.e., non-permitted open carry that is the only legal gun carry in Wisconsin.
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