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Thread: NW Georgia OC dinner - Nov 5th

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    NW Georgia OC dinner - Nov 5th

    For anyone who is interested, I am setting up an OC dinner on Nov 6th at 6pm. You don't have to OC if you don't feel comfortable. This is just an event to support the RKBA and have some fun with people with whom we share a common passion. The venue is not decided yet but I will be calling around the next couple of days to find a good OC friendly place. Also I'm open for suggestions. We already have 7 or 8 people attending including spouses and children. So let me know if anyone is interested so I can have a big enough section in the resteraunt.
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    Come on folks, we know you're out there. Let's have a good turnout.
    Thanks to Commander1911 for doing this.

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    Wish we could go but were primitive camping in Dallas with some 40 some folks from Survivalist learning survival skills with my two sons the 5th, 6th n 7th. Open to another date though

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