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    traviling through

    Hey guys can you help me out real fast please. I will be traveling through your state on my way to AZ next month. From what I have gathered I am allowed to open carry my handgun round in chamber, and all long guns in my truck just have to have an empty chamber. Is there any weird laws I need to know?

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    When driving through Nevada while armed, you must give California the finger any time you pass a marked junction with "California" or a city in California named on the road sign. Failure to do so will result in people looking at you funny.

    But seriously, stay off school property, that's about it. Private property owners may post signs saying that firearms are not allowed. If you wish, you can completely ignore them. If a private property owner asks you to leave, you must or you are guilty of trespassing but there is no weight of law behind their victims only signs. State building must have a sign with that also must refference an applicable statute, and the sign must be at every entrance. State building with metal detectors need not post signs, they are off limits.

    In Nevada, if you are stopped by police while driving you must provide ID. If stopped on foot, you need only identify yourself by name. You needn't give any spelling or other personal information.

    If you decide to go shooting in our desert, make sure you are 1000 feet from a roadway or structure, make sure your rounds do not cross a roadway and that there is no potential for any person or livestock to but struck by any round you discharge. Police up your brass and refuse before leaving. Also, the Nevada BLM has closed off large areas of land to shooting so it may be wise to look for posted signs.

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