This was in the last VA-Alert (10/21/10), but I haven't seen it mentioned here yet, so I thought that a reminder would be a good idea.

15. Upcoming Forum on gun rights vs gun control in Richmond

There is going to be a gun forum in Richmond. We need people there to ask Colin
Goddard the tough questions. I received this email form Joel A. Blum, who is
putting the forum together:


Basic information on the forum:

1st Unitarian Universalist Church Forum, community invited:
Gun Control vs Gun Rights: Where Should the Limits Be?
Moderator: Anne Sterling of the League of Women Voters [PVC: Ms. Sterling's
organization has lobbied for gun control in the past.]
Speakers: A. Barton Hinkle- from the gun rights perspective
Andrew Goddard- from the gun control perspective
Active Audience participation

1st Unitarian Universalist Church of Richmond

1000 Blanton Ave., Richmond, Va. 23221
Time: Sunday, November 7th, from 7 - 8:30 PM

There is more information in the full Alert article, so go back and check it out if you want to.

As this seems to be hosted by the antis and on private property (a church), I don't know how OC'rs will be treated. They say that the forum is open to the public and that they welcome people of all views, so hopefully they won't discriminate.

I'm not going to be able to make it to Richmond myself that weekend, but I wanted to post this so that there is sure to be a very strong, pro-gun crowd, with lots of bright orange GSL stickers, there to give the antis an intellectual smackdown.