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Thread: Voice Recorder Apps for Android

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    Voice Recorder Apps for Android

    Has anybody found an Android voice recorder app that is suitable for documenting LEO interactions? I think a few key features for a viable voice recorder app would be:

    - Easy On/Off Functionality without having to search through phone
    - Perceptible audio quality
    - Ability to transfer recordings
    - Reliability

    I like the idea of an app on my phone instead of a stand alone voice recorder because I'm already carrying plenty of items (wallet, keys, phone, knife, gun, sometimes a spare mag), and don't want to add a voice recorder to that list. The fact that it would be cheaper than buying a recorder is appealing also.

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    my Samsung Captivate (AT&T) came pre-loaded with a Voice Memo app. I added a shortcut to the home screen - two "taps" and I'm recording.
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