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Thread: Got Powder?

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    Got Powder?

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    Nice article, but I don't think it's anything to get hung up about.

    1) Politicians are quaking in their boots right now and are really trying hard to lie and cheat their way back into the public's good graces. Shoving stimulus packages, Healthcare Bills, and then putting off the Bush tax cuts til after the election has got a hornets nest stirred up, and they know it. If they go after guns (or powder) now I think they know there'd be an unimaginable backlash of pissed off people. One of those 'final straw' sorta deals.

    2) No 'smokeless' powder and "No gunpowder" are two different things

    3) Even if gunpowder suddenly evaporated from the planet, a determined bunch of people could find many other ways of waging war or defending ones self. I swear if guns are ever banned I'll start carrying a loaded crossbow with me to the grocery store. Now THATS open carry.
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    Thanks for posting the article. I found it interesting and informative; and agree with the message it extends.

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    stocking up slowly

    while I don't have as much powder as I'd like, I have slowly been stocking up on the various types I need. Lately I have made a chart listing all the calibers that I have and the powders that I use. I have started buying only powders that can be used for three or more guns. For example, Unique can be used for my 380, 9MM, 38 Special/357, 40 S&W, and 45ACP. That's just one example but there are many others.

    I have also been stocking up on powders for shot shell reloading, following the same basic principle with that as with the other powders.

    I have long maintained that there won't be a "GUN GRAB" by the feds just right out of the blue, but the "grabbing" of guns will be a general, incrimental, bit by bit type of thing. First, hi-cap mags. Then "cop killer ammo". Then, registeration of ammo purchasers, then telescopic sights, then "non-sporting" handguns, then "non-sporting" long guns, and somewhere in the mix it will become unlawful for unlicensed people to produce ammo.

    Gotta have your stuff already stashed away. When the law is passed outlawing reloading supplies effective on such and such a date, the stuff in the stores will become expensive in the EXTREME. Hence, I buy primers and brass by the case. Ya might want to pick up a few bullet molds before long.
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    Not a bad reason to own a black powder firearm or two, and to stock up on either black powder or pyrodex. I've even read ways of cutting standard powder so as to reduce burn rates to levels comparable with black powder. I would NOT try this at home without some serious test data from solid researchers.

    Caps aren't all that difficult to make from scratch, although a simple flint and striker system is more reliable under primitive conditions.
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