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Thread: find places that are OC friendly

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    60 find places that are OC friendly

    find places or enter places that are OC friendly or not. I think this is a cool program.
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    I Just got this from the owner of the FriendorFoe site. In Washington, someone took several "foe" sites and changed them to "friendly." Antigunners? a mistake? we don't know but I asked Chris if there was a way to require reversals with some sort of explanation. here's his email reply......


    First, I'm glad you're using the site and are finding it useful. I've
    got several changes planned, and they should help eliminate rating
    reversals without justification.

    I'd rather not require users to log in or use email verification, as
    that would require much more moderation, and until I can get a system
    in place to allow others to help out with that sort of approval
    process, I simply don't have the time to do it myself. I'm in the
    middle of trying to sell our house and packing for the move, so my
    time is pretty limited currently.

    I'm thinking about adding a 'report this' link to the business popup
    in the meantime, until I can get the other modifications in place.
    Also, I'll take a look at the database and see if anything looks fishy
    (multiple positive reviews at about the same time, etc) and let you

    I'm sure we can sort this out soon.


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