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Thread: I picked up some great music.

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    I picked up some great music.

    I have not bought any new music for quite some time until I ran into a video on you tube that HICKOK45 had on his channel. I guess his song is well known except I knew nothing about the guy until Hickok 45 had him over for some shooting. I am the only person who has not heard of steve lee? In any case it is some really good music. If you never heard of him take a look at the mans channel, Quiet possibly one of my NEW favorite musicians that not my typical choice of music but damn its good music over all.
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    What's particularly ironic about Steve Lee and his very catchy and funny music videos is that the boor bugger lives in Australia--where private ownership of firearms is almost completely banned...

    His other video--"I Like Guns" had to be filmed in Thailand on a private range with rental guns, because individuals can't legally own or possess most of the firearms he used in that video.

    Hopefully, the fine people of Australia will be able to dig themselves out from under the rabid, sociopathic anti-freedom steamroller of tyranny in Canberra before ALL their rights are gone. They've already passed laws banning guns, censoring movies, and regulating what you can see and show on TV and radio and print in the print media. It's just a matter of time before they start building "reeducation camps" in the outback, and shipping dissenters like Mr. Lee out to be "adjusted"...
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