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GRNC-PVF Alert 10-28-10:
GRNC Turns Up the Heat

- The checkered past of NRA-endorsed House Majority Leader Hugh Holliman & what it means to YOU: Respond now to NRA apologists attacking GRNC
- GRNC turns up heat on Shuler with radio spots/phone calls
- Judicial candidates
- Take others to the polls

F. Paul Valone
Charlotte Gun Rights Examiner

The NRA is busy inflating the ratings of and sometimes endorsing anti-gun and mediocre candidates in General Assembly races across the state. If they are allowed to succeed, Joe Hackney, the Speaker with a 4% voting record who even the NRA gives an "F," will get the opportunity to draw political districts which will saddle you with anti-gun legislators for the next ten years ...

Note: NRA apologists are attacking this piece and others in order to discredit GRNC. It is strongly recommended that GRNC supporters deliver comments by going to the link below.

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Things are getting a bit warm lately in North Carolina's 11th Congressional District, where anti-gun incumbent Heath Shuler (GRNC 0-star) faces a challenge by Jeff Miller (GRNC 4-star). The bad news is that, typical of races statewide, the NRA endorsed Shuler even though he brokered House passage of the misnamed "DISCLOSE Act," which would muzzle gun groups in elections if passed.

The good news is that GRNC is reaching more gun-owning voters in the 11th Congressional than the NRA is. Beyond the initial mailing of thousands of postcards into the district, this week GRNC kicked off radio spots across WWNC programming including Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity. For a measure of irony, the ads are exactly the sort of information campaign Shuler wants to suppress with the DISCLOSE Act.

Apparently, GRNC's first postcard salvo so un-nerved that NRA that they mailed a *second* postcard claiming that GRNC is "either grossly misinformed or deliberately attempting to mislead voters..." The postcard goes on to describe the wonderful things Heath Shuler *almost* did without mentioning that by exempting the NRA from the free speech restrictions of HR 5175, after which the NRA sat on its hands and withdrew opposition, Shuler brokered passage of legislation to muzzle ALL OTHER GUN GROUPS.

To further press home that point, GRNC today began a campaign of 10,000 automated calls into the district asking gun-owning voters to call and "tell the NRA that Heath Shuler is no friend of gun owners." If you tire of automated phone calls, please let us apologize in advance. The fact is cost effectiveness and the need to get the message out before what are likely to be the heaviest days of early voting make it necessary.

To hear GRNC's radio spots and automated calls on Shuler and House Majority leader Hugh Holliman, go to:



GRNC has received many questions about judicial candidates. Judicial races are problematic not only for the relatively large number of candidates (when District Court judges are included), but also for the fact that in the apparent interest of maintaining impartiality, many judicial candidates refuse to answer policy surveys.

Two candidates who stand out are Court of Appeals candidates Ann Marie Calabria and Steven Walker, both of whom have received GRNC 4-star (****) evaluations. GRNC-PVF recommends you vote for Ann Marie Calabria and Steven Walker.


In this pivotal election year, it is vital that you not only vote, but take like-minded friends, acquaintances and family to the polls with you. Better yet, give them a Remember in November voter guide. GRNC is almost done distributing 110,000 such voter guides, but if you need one (or more), you can either download GRNC candidate evaluations from or get printed copies by sending an e-mail to


* VOTE ON NOV 2 (or earlier by mailing an absentee ballot or using county's early voting walk-in sites)

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