Gary Clift has shown that he is an ally in the battle to preserve the right to keep & bear arms and we need him in Congress.

During our legislative battle against Lori Saldana and AB1934 earlier this year, Gary took time away from his campaign to join us at the Capitol to argue against the proposed ban on open carry.

Watch the video here:

Gary is running against anti-gun, career politician John Garamendi.

In an effort to support candidates that are willing to defend the Constitution and the individual right to bear arms we will be assembling at the corner of Treat Blvd and N. Main Street in Walnut Creek for a 'Support Gary Clift for Congress Rally' from 4-6pm on Monday Nov. 1st

Gary Clift for Congress signs will be on-hand and provided for sign waving, or to take home after the rally to display in your front yard.

You can join Gary on Facebook here:

Please research Gun Free School Zones in the area that you plan to travel