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Thread: Where can I legally shot my shotgun?

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    Where can I legally shot my shotgun?

    I live in New Hanover County, NC and was wondering if it's legal to go into the woods outside of any incorporated towns and shot a shotgun. I found a public gunclub around Southport (about 45 miles away) that costs $20/day. I would like to practice for free a lot closer to home, if that's possible. Any information would be appriciated.

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    Going to your state's sub forum would be a good first step.

    Failing that, I'd suggest googling contacts for your state's natural resources forest ranger services or whatever they're called. They should be able to answer your questions with an email.

    Also note that if you have your own land in a town where it isn't prohibited, you may very well be able to shoot on your land. Looking up local laws and verifying it with local law enforcement would be a good way to look into that, if applicable.
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