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Thread: A very special day.

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    A very special day.

    Saturday, I met a foreign exchange student from communist China. (You know where all of our clothes, cars and tools are made.) "John" had never before held or fired a gun. And when arriving in these United States, was very interested in them. My dad and I, had the opportunity to be THE FIRST the give him a firearms lesson and let him shoot several guns. "John" done very well in safety and marksmanship. Just a little reminder from Our Creator to be thankful for one of the many things we take for granted.
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    Don't teach the commies how to shoot!

    Lol, just kidding of course. It is very fun to give people their first firearms experience. I've had the opportunity to do that a few times and it is always a good time.
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    Awesome. Maybe he'll stay.

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