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Thread: Off Duty cop OCing

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    Off Duty cop OCing

    Well I never thought I would ever see a cop OC. Last night while out with the kids trick or treating I saw a guy OCing.. He was wearing clothing that looked like a cop too, just no badge or any patches. I pointed him out to my wife and she had already seen him and that I thought he was a wantabee because cops would CC if not on Duty. Well after driving down the road a bit I saw a Newton police car, And then he walked out from the house where it was parked and got his cell from inside the car.. I was kinda shocked. I always thought cops CC when off duty. I wonder if he has a issue with other people OCing. BTW I was CCing Because I didnt want to alarm any parents or have a kid grab at my XD thinking it was a toy..

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    Newton huh? Nice. I got stopped by one while carrying. No issues at all, except for the ticket.

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