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Thread: Family Member Hesitations

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    Family Member Hesitations

    The last time I was in Raleigh, I paid my grandfather a visit. I was of course OC'ing my 1911. He kept giving me weird looks and I knew he wanted to say something to me. Finally, he said "what's on your hip?" I told him a 1911 that I carry almost everywhere. He said "you don't have your CHP, you need to be really careful open carrying like that; there are nuts out there that might confront you, they might say 'go ahead boy, shoot me!'" I told him that I don't need a CHP to open carry and informed him that I don't believe anyone sane or insane would want to harass someone with a firearm visible. I also said that if such an event were to occur, I could easily walk away and ignore. My grandfather is an NRA member and owns several rifles and pistols.

    He has his CHP and carries his .38 Smith snub, but only sometimes. If he says something to me about OC then next time I see him, what else should I tell him to back my argument? I also think he should be carrying his .38 everywhere. When you finally need it, it won't there to help you!

    Even when I do get my CHP, I still think I'll OC 95% of the time. It's more comfortable and I can carry larger frame guns easier.

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    I tend to argue very little with family, simply because I don't want to cause undue tension. As for why carry everywhere-you never know when you'll need it. Why carry open? Answer his question with a question-Why hide it? Then give standard arguments such as OC is a deterrent, faster access, comfort, etc. If he says anything about someone targeting you, provoking you, etc., simply ask him to point out where it has happened. It's very rare.

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