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GRNC-PVF Alert 11-01-2010:
The Real Heath Shuler?

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NRA apologists have insisted that Congressman Heath Shuler is a Second Amendment supporter, as demonstrated by bills he has cosponsored and votes he has made. But is he really, or is he posturing? He has a history of cosponsoring ostensibly pro-gun bills which, coincidentally, never see the light of a committee hearing, as documented in "A response from the NRA?"

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Immediate Action Required

* VOTE! Make sure you are in line in time to vote by closing time (7:30 pm.)
* DOUBLE CHECK your ballot to make sure the votes you intended are the ones being recorded, especially if you are voting a straight ticket. In recent days of early voting, voters have reported votes being registered incorrectly.



* VOTE ON NOV 2 (or earlier by mailing an absentee ballot or using county's early voting walk-in sites)

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