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Thread: Open Carry Discussed in Combat Handguns Magazine

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    Open Carry Discussed in Combat Handguns Magazine

    In the latest issue of Combat Handguns magazine, Masad Ayoob briefly discusses open carry as a movement. Look for his column about self-defense and the law.

    It is not an oblique reference to OC. He is discussing concealment and keeping things concealed. Nonetheless, he does not seem hostile or opposed to OC.

    Its appararent that either he or a research assistant read some of our posts. He mentions some of the standard disadvantages, and also mentions some of the advantages we promote. He says he can see both sides.

    He does mention Kwikrnu and the AK pistol mess and the negative effect on OCers and what we are trying to accomplish by the impression Kwik creates on others about us. Ayoob does point out that many OCers do not appreciate Kwik's activities.

    So, all in all, I was encouraged by the way he covered OC, and how he fit it into his four examples of what can go wrong if your concealed weapon becomes exposed.

    Before anybody gets all bent out of shape that he did not write more supportively about OC, remember two things: 1) this guy has done a lot to promote, advance, and train armed citizens, and has even testified or assisted citizens legally who were wrongly accused, and 2) he comes from the era of concealed-only carry when the whole game was to figure out all the angles and advantages of concealed carry, and very few citizens bothered with open carry. I don't agree with everything he's said or written, and sometimes I think he is a little alarmist in how he presents things; but I still make allowances for those two numbered items.

    PS: Please lets not discuss Kwik and his activities in this thread.
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