Hello all... New to this site, new to the oc/cc world. Grew up in West Virginia, hunting and such is a way of life. I'm comfortable around guns, but after reading alot of posts and other info in the past few days, it seems more that most people are scared of guns.

The solution is not OC/CC, to do it or not, or where you can/can't, it's more about educating people. 150 years ago, I'm sure there were people who were uncomfortable around guns, and probly lived in more populated areas and citys. OC was a way of life, that has been lost in our country. It's not wrong, and it's legel. That's more than can be said for smokin' pot, and I know more people who do that regularly than I know ones who carry (concealed or not) daily.

Those of us out here who are responcible adults, who obay the laws, jump thru the hoops asked of us, to be alowd to carry our wepons should be alowd to, anywhere. The lack of morals and values, the "look out for #1, to heck with everyone else" attitude that is previlent these days is our responciblity to turn around. Teach your kids right and wrong. Teach them to not kill people, to care for others, and help each other, and reduce the situations that help create the outlaws. This is true for more than just guns, it's more a way of life that seems to be lost.

I am a law abiding citizen, who plans to carry a gun for my own protection, and yours... there is no reason to be scared of me, or my wepon.

I recently attended a CC training course required by WV to get the permit to CC. There have been a few threads I read with intrest reguarding OC/CC and that once you get the CC permit, it seems you may lose the rite to OC. I will be asking my local LE officials what they think on this subject, as like a post said i was reading, "so I get my driver's licence, and now I'm not alowd to walk anymore?"

Nice site, I'll be around...