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Thread: I carry and I vote!

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    I carry and I vote!

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    I carried when I voted, does that count?
    My polling place is a Knights of Colombus hall and OC is OK here in Louisiana. I Always OC these days and the last two times I voted on one said a thing about me being armed.

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    I voted wearing my NRA cap and had no issues at all. It was all smiles and friendly chatter. I was in and out in 3 minutes tops. I was dressed as shown above but wearing my NRA hat. The shirt is my shirt.
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    Congradulations on voting. Also KUDOS for taking ALL of your rights with you into the voting booth.

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    Here in NC, many counties ban firearms in ANY buildings with municipal or county offices. y county is one of them. So I could not carry while voting, even though my polling place was a fire station, and NOT a "sensitive building" as it contains no police, courts, or jails.

    But I DID pick up two "I Voted" stickers--one for each of my Serpa holsers. One for the Glock, and one for the 1911, and I will wear them proudly at the range, while OCing everywhere else, and while going to OC-related events.

    I envy you folks who live in states where the government actually trusts law abiding citizens to carry in government buildings. Here in NC, they are afraid of armed law-abiding citizens...
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    I envy people who vote in official government building...

    I OC'd when I voted, and I voted in a church. :shrug:

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    OH man! I didn't even think of putting the "I voted" sticker on my holster. Good idea, all!

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