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Thread: The New Governor and the Commissoner of Public Safety

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    The New Governor and the Commissoner of Public Safety

    Who will the new Governor select to be the next Commissioner of Public Safety?

    Could it be that he will be someone who worked in Bridgeport?

    Rumors are pointing to a specific individual. (PRI)

    This is a very interesting time for firearm issues in CT.

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    VERY interesting ED. Got a feeling that there pick for Commissoner won't be to 'gun friendly' if you know what I mean.

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    We got Heller and McDonald.....

    Now the fight really begins for us on a local level.

    Jonathan - tracking all the local issuing authority, DPS and other insanity with permit issues - my blog and growing list of links useful to gun owners (especially in Connecticut).

    Rich B: My favorite argument against OC being legal in CT is "I have never seen someone OC in CT".
    I have never seen a person drink tea from a coke bottle while standing on their head, that doesn't mean it is illegal.

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    Thumbs up We got Heller and McDonald.....

    Hey don't forget CCDL. and all the others that fight for (THE RIGHT). My brother Kix CARRY ON!


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