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Thread: OC sighting today (11/5)

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    OC sighting today (11/5)

    I was at Autozone on horne and southern. About 5:30. There was a guy working on his vehicle in the parking lot. I didn't get close enough to see what he was carrying. And didn't have time to say hi. Just wondering if it was someone on here.

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    I was at Rustys (my favorite grub house) tonight for supper, sitting at the counter as usual when a gentleman, his daughter and granddaughter got up from there table to pay there bill when I noticed he was open carrying, looked like a 380 to me but I did not ask, I did although ask him if he has ever heard of OCDO and he said no, so I told him about the site and wrote it down for him, he said he would look up the site.

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