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Thread: Fromunda the transom. New traffic law 2010.

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    Fromunda the transom. New traffic law 2010.

    Quote Originally Posted by Fromunda
    I must admit that I was unaware of the drop to "20 mph under the limit" part of this law. Was enacted in SC in 2002. *PLEASE READ THIS.*

    NEW TRAFFIC LAW - 2010

    New Law: If a patrol car is pulled over to the side of the road, you have to change to the next lane (away from the stopped vehicle) or slow down to at least 20 mph under the posted speed limit.

    Every state except Hawaii and Maryland and the D.C. has this law. In California, the Move-over law became operative on January 1, 2010.
    A friend's son got a ticket for this recently. A police car (turned out it was two police cars) was on the side of the road giving a ticket to someone else. He slowed down to pass but did not move into the other lane. The second police car immediately pulled him over and gave him a ticket. He had never heard of the law. It is a fairly new law that states if any emergency vehicle is on the side of the road, if you are able, you are to move into the far lane.

    The cost of the ticket was $754, with three points on your license and a mandatory court appearance. Please let everyone you know that drives about this new law. It is true (see details at the following web address).

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    The police create the hazard and then can ticket others because of it. I believe a law requiring that traffic stops be moved off of highways once the "victim" is stopped and notified. This would be safer for all involved. But it would take up a few more minutes of the public servants time and less time to inconvenience others.

    I wish the police would focus more on right of way violations than speed infractions. Speed is usually never the cause of an accident. If speeding caused accidents we would all be dead.

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    I've known about this law ever since it went into effect here in Texas some odd years back, and I don't even drive.

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    I've always moved over or slowed down, law or no law. It is common sense.

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