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Thread: Green light at Scheels

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    Thumbs up Green light at Scheels

    Friday night me and friend went into scheels at the Fox River mall. I was shopping for a gun safe and getting some ammo for the CC permit class on sat. We had been in the store for about half an hour looking at things, talked to several salesmen and was in the process of picking out the ammo when a store manager (didnt catch the name), came up and gave us the heave-ho because of my sidearm.

    While waiting at customer service for the info of who to write "the letter" to, another manager asked if we needed any help and I explained what just happened and he took my info and apologized for the problem. My friend and I then left.

    About an hour later I received a phone call from the first manager who explained how he was under the belief that I couldnt carry in the store, but had found out afterwards that I could. I was then told that i was welcome to come back at any time carring as i was.

    So, Yea Scheels!
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    great to know- thanks for sharing!

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    I have carried in Scheels in Appleton many times and never had an issue. Glad you got this guy educated.

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    Glad to hear everything turned out well.
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