There's a gunshow scheduled for December 18 & 19 in Alexandria, LA. Is there anyone in the Alexandria area who would be willing to drop off a stack of our LOCAL trifold informational pamphlets on the table near the entrance/exit to the show? I did this with the permission of the show manager in Gonzales and we have had members in other areas do this at other gun shows.
LOCAL needs to get the word out but we don't have the manpower or money for a table at these shows yet. Dropping off a stack of about 40 or 50 trifolds each day would be a big help. LOCAL will provide the pamphlets. We just need somone to drop them off in the mornings before the show. Anyone willing to take on this Awareness Initiative? If so, let us know at- We will get your contact info (mailing address, etc) and mail you the fliers.
If you are interested, follow the link and let us know.